the Cordis TEMPO® AQUA® Diagnostic Catheter is an angiographic catheter providing excellent flow rates and optimal contrast delivery and vessel opacification.

TEMPO® AQUA® Catheters offer:

  • Precise control and sturdy support. High-strength nylon construction and braided shaft design give strength and flexibility for superb torque response and maximum tactile control.
  • Enhanced tip radiopacity. An extended, tungsten-filled NEON® tip, with superb visualization for rapid and precise catheter placement. Less need for contrast injection.
  • Flexible tip. Patented soft design and long non-braided distal end increases tip flexibility, helps reduce risk of vessel trauma and promotes patient comfort.
  • Microcatheter compatibility. Compatible with Codman Neurovascular RAPIDTRANSIT® and PROWLER® Microcatheters, as well as REGATTA® Steerable Guidewire.
  • Smoother delivery. Hydrophilic SLX® Coating minimizes friction between the catheter and the vessel wall for rapid and smooth vessel engagement.