SLEEK® RX PTA Dilatation Catheters

Specially designed for infrapopiteal vessels, the SLEEK® RX and SLEEK® OTW PTA Dilitation Catheters deliver precision, speed and control.

Product Description

Innovative design produced the first-ever 220mm length balloons for treating long, diffuse disease with fewer inflations. QuadFlex® balloon material combines flexibility, durability, and predictable compliance.

SLEEK® RX Catheters also provide trackability in a rapid-exchange platform, which enables single-operator use with shorter guidewires.

Other characteristics of SLEEK® RX and SLEEK® OTW Catheters include:

Excellent Deliverability

  • Low profile 4F sheath compatibility on all sizes
  • Lubricious SLX® Coating on balloon and distal segment
  • Stainless steel hypotube shaft  

Specific sizes for infrapopliteal vessels

  • 1.25-5mm balloon diameters for SLEEK® OTW Catheters and 2-4mm balloon diameters for SLEEK® RX Catheters
  • 40-220mm balloon lengths
  • 150+cm shaft lengths for reaching distal vessels

Ordering Information

In the United States, email us your order at or call us at 800.327.7714.


Please refer to the Instructions For Use for complete information, including indications, precautions, warnings, and potential adverse events.