CORDIS® PTA Balloon Portfolio

The CORDIS® PTA Balloon Portfolio is comprised of 0.035 PTA Balloons, 0.018 PTA Balloons, 0.014 PTA Balloons, and Specialty PTA Balloons to help you treat routine and challenging cases.

0.035 PTA Balloons

The CORDIS® 0.035 PTA Balloon Portfolio offers everyday choices for treating diffuse and challenging lower extremity lesions.

0.014 PTA Balloons

The CORDIS® 0.014 PTA Balloon Portfolio offers rapid-exchange balloons for superb trackability across the most challenging lesions.

0.018 PTA Balloons

The CORDIS® 0.018 PTA Balloon Portfolio offers a broad range of sizes to treat more lesions and locations.

Specialty Balloons

The CORDIS® Specialty Balloon Portfolio is comprised of Chocolate® PTA Balloon Catheter and the FLASH™ Ostial System.