ANGIOGUARD® RX Guidewire System

The Cordis ANGIOGUARD® RX Guidewire System is the first embolic protection device shown in clinical testing to achieve a relative stroke reduction of 70% during carotid stenting procedures.*

Product Description

ANGIOGUARD® RX Guidewire System offers:

  • One of the shortest landing zones: Short filter basket enables ability to center in tortuous anatomy.
  • Stroke Reduction: Polyurethane membrane with 100 pores captures clinically relevant emboli and shown in clinical testing to reduce the rate of stroke.
  • Self-Centering: The unique umbrella design centers in the vessel with high device delivery success and excellent wall apposition.
  • Visibility: Eight Nitinol struts keep the symmetric basket in contact with the arterial wall, with marker bands on every other strut, in addition to a proximal and distal marker band to ensure high visibility during the procedure.
  • Excellent Crossability: Profile as low as 3.2F facilitates crossing difficult lesions.

* 30-day pooled data from U. S. feasibility study and European CASCADE Study.

Ordering Information

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Please refer to the Instructions For Use for complete information, including indications, precautions, warnings, and potential adverse events.