Closure Portfolio

Our vascular closure portfolio include MYNX ACE®, MYNXGRIP®, and EXOSEAL® Vascular Closure Devices. MYNX ACE® and MYNXGRIP® Devices are designed with safety and patient comfort in mind by providing gentle closure without the use of cinching, sutures or metal implants to enhance patient satisfaction.1

1 Fargen KM, Hoh Bl, Mocco J. J NeuroIntervent Surg, 2011

The MYNX® Vascular Closure Devices product family utilizes the proprietary GRIP™ sealant to seal the arteriotomy. The GRIP™ sealant, comprised of Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), grips the artery, providing a secure close. The sealant dissolves within 30 days, leaving nothing permanently behind but a healed artery. MYNX® Closure Devices treat a wide range of patients and clinical scenarios including punctures at or below the bifurcation and antegrade punctures. The versatile design provides options in challenging anatomies.

MYNX ACE® Vascular Closure Device

The MYNX ACE® Closure Device combines the reliability of an easy to use deployment system with the security of mechanical closure.

EXOSEAL® Vascular Closure Device

The EXOSEAL® Vascular Closure Device is designed for a safe, simple, and secure close.

MYNXGRIP® Vascular Closure Device

The MYNXGRIP® Closure Device is designed to help minimize pain and provide a gentle closure, with no cinching, clamping or suturing.